Back in 2011, a few years ago a couple of friends in Paris started working on a song influenced by recent world events from the London riots to Arab spring.

Mo Laudi the ex MC/Hype Man of Radioclit and The Very Best came to Lazy Flow with a rough beat he made, mashing up Coupé Décalé, UK Funky and South African House.

Lazy Flow (ex Youngunz Records’ artist), being the fine tuned technical producer he is, broke it down and added more crisp, melodies, drums, basses, brasses and fxs,…

After months of looking for a label to release it, Lazy Flow’s computer crashed and the project was lost.. An mp3 demo file was rediscovered recently and now Mo Laudi’s new upcoming label Globalisto Music with the support of OKAY AFRICA, they are giving it for free.


Release Name: Tagteam Terror vs. Lazy Flow – The French Connection

Tittle: Tagteam Terror vs. Lazy Flow – The French Connection

Release Date: 2015-05-18

Label: Nervous Records


Beatport April Chart 2015

Featuring: Demarkus Lewis​, J Paul Getto​, The Phantom’s Revenge​, Rude Jude​, Altered Beast, Madji’k​, Jerome Badini​, Roy Ayers​, Joey Negro​, Louie Vega​, Outunder​, Ago


Release Name: Lazy Flow Presents: Paris’ House Finest

Tittle: Lazy Flow & Jerome Badini – Still Blowing & Flowing

Release Date: 2015-04-13

Label: Folistar Records

Line Up: Lazy Flow, DSL, Busta Funk, Matt Mendez, Alec Carlsson, Monsieur Willy, Madji’k, Digikid84, Kevin Oz, Jerome Badini, Rude Jude, Prosper & DoriAn ParaNo, Altered Beast, S7777, Dudley Slang, Kaptain Cadillac, The Phantom’s Revenge.



Lazy Flow presents his first compilation bringing together old and new schools under one flag, House Music. No particular tag, only good music, in styles sometimes unknown or forgotten: Funky, Jackin, Latin, Filtered, Ghetto, Hip … “Lazy Flow Presents Paris’ House Finest” with the Eiffel tower as a symbol of global reach; showing what the “Frenchies” are still able to do in the matter.

This album is not strictly Parisian provided, the suburbs and province are also represented, no elitism appointment. Fifteen exclusive tracks with as much producers, also available as a mixtape hosted by a MC (DSL).

1. Bustafunk – Music Hypnotising
2. ­Matt Mendez – Turn On The Light
3. Alec Carlsson – Ruby (feat. Josh Jakq)
4. MonsieurWilly – Beat Up (Flamingo Mix)
5. Madji’k – Uptown Festival
6. Digikid84 – Mon Amour
7. Kevin Oz – I Want You
8. Lazy Flow & Jerome Badini – Still Blowing & Flowing
9. Rude Jude – Fuck The Place Up (feat. Old Sab)
10. Prosper & DoriAn ParaNo – Big Tasty
11. Altered Beast – Boogy Murder
12. S7777 – Drunk Driving Racoon (feat. Forbidden Foreplay)
13. Dudley Slang – TheHustler
14. Kaptain Cadillac – In A Car
15. The Phantom’s Revenge – Club Rotation 99


Artwork: Tou Py

Song credit: Bustafunk – Music Hypnotising