For French producer and DJ Lazy Flow, dancing is not at all a trivial matter. It is a demanding art, which sows beautiful madness in the genre, connects all styles of dance-floor history, and is a one-way flight to a future that perfectly reflects what is becoming of his generation. As a lover of the Ballroom scene as much as a passionate proponent of Hip-Hop, Gala and Afro House, he toys masterfully with the sounds of the African Continent, the US East Coast, South America and the West Indies, all-the-while speaking to a gender fluid, diverse youth, doing so in the most universal, compelling language: that of energy.

Lazy Flow’s DJ sets are celebrations, collective catharsis, led by dancers who follow him everywhere and push their bodies to the limit to do justice to his music.

His secret is perfect mastery of rhythms inherited from the pioneers of House, the icons of Ballroom (to which he upholds law of the land like no one else), the jerking of Baile Funk, UK Bass, Bouyon, and Shatta. This technical virtuosity, combined with hard daily work in the studio, gives his performances something tantalizing, rare, both demanding and unifying.

As a true, blue boy of his generation, he is inhabited by curiosity, by this incandescent passion which makes his path perfectly unique. His audience knows it, they follow him, celebrate him in France and around the world, and exponentially grow in figures, fill the gaps, and do away with excess in front of his turntables, with which he alone knows how to converse so well.

A set by Lazy Flow is utterly electrifying, familiar, easy to follow, and wonderfully confusing.

His productions, little grails that DJ’s trade to enlighten the dancefloor, are not to be outdone. His edits of hits, or his own finds, are incredibly modern deconstructions, and his compositions never let go, like his pieces produced with/for Vladimir Cauchemar, Pongo, Kiddy Smile, Meryl, Maureen… All the feelings are merged, and the dance must never stop.

Lazy Flow’s latest EP, Paris Bouillon Club, conceived and crafted when clubs around the world had to shut down due to the pandemic, encapsulates his influences and his journey. As eclectic, bold and open-minded as its creator, it’s infused with Baile Funk, Afro-Trap and UK Bass. Lazy Flow’s productions are enhanced by stunning vocal performances from Congolese singer Popaul Amisi, English-Japanese performer Shala, and European ballroom scene icon Matyouz. The EP is also a tribute to LA CREOLE, the feverish Parisian party Lazy Flow was a resident for the last five years.

Lately, Lazy Flow has put together The Lazy Flow Show, along with a powerful MC and two limitless dancers. This unique live experiment, inclusive, festive and educational, is the perfect extrapolation of a universe like no other and It’s taking over more and more festivals across Europe.

It’s always when you feel like nothing is happening in music that unique and unexpected phenomena appear, black swans, as if from nowhere. Lazy Flow is one of them. Don’t miss out.

Par Ariel Wizman