Release Name: Best Of Electro Swing by Bart & Baker

Tittle: Lazy Flow – Mambo Fever (Original Mix)

Release Date: 2016-09-15

Label: Wagram Music

Tracklisting: B.6 Lazy Flow – Mambo Fever (Original Mix) 03.10


To celebrate my 3000 followers on Facebook and to thank you all for the big support since all these years I offer you 3 original tracks to add to your Lazy Flow’s collection!


New exclusive techno/tech house mini mix for Deep House Space now online!

1. Kiddy Smile – Teardrops In The Box (Original Mix)
2. Light Year – Bell Trax (Original Mix)
3. Danny Daze – Ready2Go (Original Mix)
4. Alan Fitzpatrick – Love Siren (Original Mix)
5. Sovnger & Lazy Flow – ASH (Original Mix)
6. Tiga – Planet E (Dense and Pika Remix)
7. Myd – Numero Uno (Original Mix)
8. Q3A – Apocalypse Void (Original Mix)
9. Roberto Capuano – Drop (Original Mix)
10. TWR72 – X3 (Original Mix)
11. Mella Dee – Take Control (Original Mix)


Event: Yaka Dansé!

Line Up: Lazy Flow, Woody Braun

Venue: L’Alimentation Générale, Paris, France

Schedule: Saturday, September 24th 2016 – 10:00PM to 05:00AM


Event: Première partie de General Elektriks

Line Up: General Elektriks, Lazy Flow & The Snakes

Venue: Maison Daniel Féry, Nanterre, France

Schedule: Saturday, September 24th 2016 – 08:30PM to 11:00PM