Lazy Flow is a Parisian artist inspired by the rhythm of his heart and melodic voyages. From the extravagance of New York to the Abdijani ghettos, it’s the whole history of black club music that plays under his fingertips.

Starting out as a DJ for rappers and in skateboard competitions, he equally discovers a passion for electronic music and a knack for composition. His numerous influences from his travels and encounters guide him in fusing genres brilliantly which has lead him, since 2008, to start his musical rise by signing his first productions.

Labels like Record Makers, Nervous, Southern Fried, Mixmash, Moshi Moshi, and Main Course add him to their catalog, which allows him to collaborate with renowned artists such as Todd Terry, Sebastien Tellier, Philippe Cohen Solal, Kissy Sell Out, and Kiddy Smile. He then ventures throughout Europe, electrifying some of the most popular clubs and festivals, sharing the stage with huge names: Keith Murray, Armand Van Helden, Die Antwoord, Major Lazer, Boys Noize.

Today, this hyperactive’s projects come naturally to him; his musical entourage of The Snakes, talented singers and musicians transforms his sets into live experiences like a jam between friends. Formerly drummer and percussionist, when this jack of all trades isn’t spinning discs, he also enjoys being sound engineer, artistic director and party planner.



Florent Cortesi alias Lazy Flow, producer and DJ originally from Paris, builds bridges between House, Afro, Latin, Groove et Hip-Hop music.

Since 2008 his productions has been released on record labels like Nervous, Main Course, Mental Groove, Southern Fried, Bad Life, Wagram, Fogbank, Folistar, Big N’ Hairy, San City High, Youngunz,… He collaborated with Philippe Cohen Solal, Kiddy Smile, Tagteam Terror, Malente, Sovnger, and Khadyak, made remixes for Todd Terry & J Paul Getto, Sébastien Tellier, DJ Click, Funkystepz, The Very Best, Human Life, Acid Washed or Onyenze.

From 2010 to 2015, he stayed very active as party planner in Paris (Point Ephémère, Nouveau Casino, Concorde Atlantique, Petit Bain, Social Club, L’Alimentation Générale,…). 2012 he hosted a radio show on Nasty FM (UK) with guest mixes from Rogerseventytwo, Joao Brasil, Lars Moston and more.

In March 2014 he released his first LP “MOYO MOYO” (HEART HEART in Swahili) on the Austrian label Big ’N’ Hairy. He composed, recorded and mixed 10 tracks blending electronic and acoustic world sounds. This project is going from Cumbia to Afrobeat via Hip-Hop and Baile Funk with influences ranging from Bmore to Rock. MOYO MOYO is the result of all the wonderful encounters with artists and singers during the past three years like Anbuley, Isa GT, Gazelle, Saadi, Tigarah, Mo Laudi, Matthew Wasley, Macky Ruff, JourneytotheEnd and Jean-Jacques Berthieu.


Mid 2014 he teamed up with Maral Salmassi to relaunch Television Rocks records which gives him the opportunity to fully express himself as an A&R and starring Swick, DJ Edgar, Mighty Mark & TT The Artist, DJ Comrade, Cobra Krames, Mace, R-Ash, DJ N.K., Chong X, Banginclude, EQ Why, DJ Tiga, Jurassic FightClub,…

April 2015 he releases his first compilation on French label Folistar, bringing together old and new schools under one flag, House music. No particular tag: Funky, Jackin, Latin, Filtered, Ghetto, Hip … “Lazy Flow Presents: Paris’ House Finest” with the Eiffel tower as a symbol of global reach; showing what the “Frenchies” are still able to do in the matter.


This first opus is not strictly Parisian provided, the suburbs and province are also represented. Fifteen exclusive tracks with as much producers, also available as a mixtape hosted by a MC (DSL) featuring Bustafunk, Matt Mendez, Alec Carlsson & Josh Jaqk, mOnsieurWilly & Flamingo, Madji’k, Digikid84, Kevin Oz, Lazy Flow & Jerome Badini, Rude Jude & Old Sab, Prosper & Dorian Parano, Altered Beast, S7777 & Forbidden Foreplay, Dudley Slang, Kaptain Cadillac, The Phantom’s Revenge.

Lazy Flow‘s debut album MOYO MOYO is the first step of an on going series of collaborations and live performances. His stage performances together with his band « Lazy Flow & The Snakes » including musicians (Julian Getreau, Ludwig Nestor, Gabe Bridgewater, Vally Sulliman) and singer (Philippe Aglaé), already rocked the place at La Défense (Festival Chorus), Festival Träce (Le Tamanoir, Virtuoz Club), Maison Daniel-Féry (opening for General Elektriks), Bagneux (France ô Folies, Copaca’Bagneux), Le Nouveau Casino (Paris), L’Auditorium Seynod (Haute-Savoie), La Scène Bastille (Paris), Cultura (Gennevilliers),…!


Played alongside: Armand Van Helden, Major Lazer, Die Antwoord, Boys Noize, Naive New Beaters, Joke, Nero, Oneman, Kissy Sell Out, Zombie Disco Squad, Housemeister, Congorock, DATA, Renaissance Man, Daniel Haaksman, Bambounou, L-Vis 1990, Stefano Ritteri, Para One, Surkin, El Hijo De La Cumbia, Mightyfools, Martelo, Sinden, Homework, Astronomar, Douster, Myd, French Fries, Teki Latex, Jean Nipon, DJ Orgasmic, Sam Tiba, Bok Bok, The Squatters, DJ Mixwell, Mawimbi, Dave Luxe, Young Pulse, Manaré,…


DJ sets: Paris (Machine du Moulin Rouge, Wanderlust, Grande Halle De La Villette, Badaboum, Nüba, Batofar, Divan Du Monde, La Java, La Rotonde, Jardins de Bagatelle, Favela Chic,…), 4 Sans (Bordeaux), Lyon (La Plateforme, DV1), Le Rafiot (Strasbourg), Le Chat Noir (Dijon), Isola 2000 (Les Pistes Électroniques), Roubaix (Paysages Électroniques), Nancy (L’Envers Club), Lille (Supermarket), Nantes, Grenoble, Annecy, Tours, Avoriaz, La Baule, Orléans, La Rochelle, Metz, Clermont-Ferrand,… Razzmatazz (Spain), Belgium (Fuse, Mirano), United Kingdom (The Den, 53 Degrees, The Legion, Orange Rooms, Sketch), Germany (Nektar Beach, Tempelhof), Switzerland (Fri-Son, Loft Club, Salzhaus Winterthur), Czech republic, Luxembourg,…