Lazy Flow is not just an electronic music producer, first of all he is passionate about any kind of music and merging genres. Since the beginning of his career in 2008, he is mixing his influences and multiple collaborations with many artists all around the world. It’s by dint of exploring this musical wilderness  that he met over the years the “Snakes“.

The release of his album «Moyo Moyo » in 2014 was the starting point of this project. To transmit to the public the energy and joy of his tracks, two turntables wasn’t enough any more; he needed a band, a live, a show! In a family and sharing spirit, the « Snakes » brought their culture and draw the map of the non-stop musical trip they propose on stage: from the deep and mystic savane to the boiling city. The conducting wire? The GROOVE!

But who are these « Snakes » we are talking about? The singer Philippe Aglaé (Faada Freddy, Imany), the pianist Julian Getreau aka Rude Jude (LVB – K, the MFB), the bassist, guitarist and singer Ludwig Nestor (Gospel pour 100 Voix, Les Guetteurs) and the DJ/Producer Lazy Flow (Nervous Records, Folistar) are this team which are making danse and counting this story. As a grio or a batucada, all generations are listening and dancing together, smiling in the sun.

The first track of the band outed in February 2016 as single format on the French label Folistar, accompanied with a music video realized at Duc des Lombards by the team Trinity Films and including throngs of remixes builded for club; including talented artists like Aero Manyelo (South Africa, the new prince of Kwaito), Rise & Fool (France, the trending electronic couple), Madji’k (France, making live again the golden age of house made in France), Joey Chicago (Germany, one of the best Funky House producer of the last decade), and Rude Jude (France/United Kingdom, the pianist of the band who is also a really talented electronic producer specialized in uk garage).

The Snakes performed at La Défense (Festival Chorus), Festival Träce (Le Tamanoir, Virtuoz Club), Maison Daniel-Féry (opening for General Elektriks), Bagneux (France ô Folies, Copaca’Bagneux), Le Nouveau Casino (Paris), L’Auditorium Seynod (Haute-Savoie), La Scène Bastille (Paris), Cultura (Gennevilliers),…

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